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  • With an oppositional parent and lawyer during a divorce:  you need a unique kind of lawyer that understands you, understands the abuses you and your children have been experiencing, understands and studies the family pathology and looks at the the law with the aim to protect you and your relationship with your children.

  • You need a lawyer that zealously defends your and your kids' legal and human rights.

Few Attorneys Have Been Where You Are. We've Been There. You need a lawyer who's survived this so you have have a lawyer who understands you and the legal and psychological problems you and your children face.

  • Attachment-based parent alienation mixed with divorce litigation is like mixing alcohol with prescription drugs - it's a very bad scene. But few understand it. WE DO. We've survived it. In fact, we know that using the law and your child to hurt you should be considered child abuse to cause psychological domestic violence. Most courts and mental health professionals don't know that - yet. But more psychologists are starting to say it - though few have the courage. It takes a lawyer who understands the Why's and How's to help the rest of the legal and mental health world see it. And say it. In court.

  • We develop strategies to build your case to prove to the judge, to the experts: that there is an emotionally-abusive parent weaponizing children to abuse a targeted parent. We are the lawyers that use science and law to enlighten both.

  • We develop methods to help clients to stop reacting to pathological provocation, and to respond strategically to a pathological parent and their lawyer.

  • We counsel targeted parents so they can recover Justice and their dignity, while helping them prepare a strong, evidence-based defense and offense, so they can recover their children's emotional bonds and grow a healthy, strong, loving relationship with their children - which every child needs and deserves, according to the experts and common sense.

Measure Twice and Cut Once.

Many parents facing pathological parents go through several lawyers - for many reasons. Hire the right lawyer the first time. ONCE. But it's ok if you hire us the last time, too. 

Hire a lawyer who's been where you are, who knows all the tactics they use, who studies the science and studies the law. Hire someone who gets it. Who gets you. Who can help the court and the experts get you - and get what the pathology and abuse is about. Because with attachment-based pathology, if they don't get it - they don't get it. We get it. Hire The Rosenstock Law Firm LLC.

Call us so we can get to work sooner rather than later. 202.361.5851.

Yes, You're the Lawyer I Need, But Can I Afford You? Yes, You Can!


We know. Divorce and divorce lawyers are expensive. And we also know oppositional divorce litigants (your ex) and their lawyers know this, too. Which may be why they are always taking you to court. For hearings. Delaying hearings. Rescheduling hearings. False accusations. Eventually, draining you of your emotional and financial capital.


We don't think that is in the best interest of your kids. If it were up to us, divorces with an oppositional parent would have no place in an adversarial environment like a court room - they would be in a therapist's room. And we are working on that in the legislature.

So we set our rates based on your ability to pay, and we are flexible with payment plans.

That way you can sustain an oppositional parent and their lawyer's divorce litigation strategies and tactics.

Because, someone who is ill with attachment-based parent alienation will do everything they can do minimize your value as a parent, including trying to drain your ability to pay for a lawyer, your child support, to be able to afford "visiting"* your kids or even to be able to afford buying toys for your kids on their birthday or for Christmas or Chanukah. 

We don't want our lawyer fees - or anything or anyone - getting in the way of you and your kids.

Call us so we can find a solution. 202.361.5851.

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 We want to help. We want to help you and your kids find Justice. We want to help you and your kids retake an even playing field in court and as a parent. We want you and your kids to have the loving relationship you and them need and deserve.


  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Custody Modification
  • "Visitation"*
  • "Visitation"* Modification
  • Child Support
  • Child Support Modification
  • Attachment-Based Parent Alienation
  • False Accusations of Domestic Violence
  • False Accusations of Child Abuse
  • False Accusations to Suspend Child "Visitation"*
  • False Accusations of Contempt
  • True Accusations of Contempt of Child "Visitation"*
  • Custody Interference
  • Family Law Appeals
  • Paternity Fraud
  • Rosenstock Rock Solid (c) Prenups
  • Rosenstock Rock Solid (c) Postnups

* Why is "Visitation" in quotation marks with an asterisk? Because you are not a visitor to your child. You are their parent. But the oppositional parent, their lawyers and the law act to devalue you all the way down to "visitor". Not even a babysitter gets such a lowly title.

Not at Rosenstock Law Firm LLC. We fight to recover your role - Dad or Mom - and THAT's in the best interest of your children.

That's why you need to call us at 202.361.5851. 

Eyal Rosenstock is licensed to practice law in Maryland and DC (inactive DC).

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