About Eyal Rosenstock

Eyal Rosenstock

Experience. Trial by Fire.

Eyal Rosenstock has been training for 5 years in and out of the family courtroom by the best oppositional parents, lawyers and judges available. As a result, he's seen the worst-of-the-worst legal, judicial and emotional abuse strategies and tactics a parent and lawyer can face when having to litigate a toxic divorce.

He's litigated motions, motions for reconsideration, appeals, appellate motions for reconsideration and has won them all. He's fought oppositional and even unethical courts for years at at time. He never gives up and fights to the finish for the best interest of children and family justice.

At the same time, Eyal has also been educated by highly-skilled attorneys on the right side of family law. These attorneys continuously teach Eyal how to enlighten courts using mastery of law and fact, creative lawyering and aggressive legal representation.


Commitment and Passion for Family Justice

Eyal graduated from American University's Washington College of Law in 2002. Thanks to being forced to fight for family justice in his own life, Eyal found his calling - defending parents and their children when the other parent has become pathologically-motivated to devalue one parent in favor of themselves at the expense of their children.

Eyal helps fathers and alienated parents in family court and outside it:

Eyal helps fathers in crisis through The Fathers' Rights Movement Crisis Line.  He is an editor for the movement's Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Argentina and Israel Facebook pages.

In Puerto Rico, he founded Acción para Modernización de Leyes de Familia Puerto Rico, a non-profit in Puerto Rico dedicated to modernizing family laws in Puerto Rico, where his beloved children live. Eyal testified before the Puerto Rican Senate on the topics of domestic violence against men via the weaponization of children in divorces (attachment-based parent alienation (child abuse to inflict domestic violence on the ex-spouse)) and traditional intimate partner violence like assault and rape.

Eyal works with professors, lawyers and advocates around the world to help bring Truth to Family Court and Mental Health Professionals and Justice to families and children separated by attachment-based parent alienation and gender-bias in the courts.

Eyal is fluent in Spanish and loves cooking and Krav Maga.


All-In Legal Representation


Eyal fights for his clients on all fronts. In the courtroom. In motions. In the legislature. In marches. He devotes his legal and advocacy skills and life experience to enlighten judges, mental health professionals, lawyers, and his clients.

He uses his unique legal, family psychology knowledge and life experience to teach his clients how to become the best parents for their children while managing a difficult oppositional parent and legal system. All with the ultimate goal of achieving family justice for their children.

At Rosenstock Law Firm LLC, Eyal's clients are not just clients. They are whole people and whole parents of children whose minds have been split by oppositional parents, their lawyers and an unenlightened family law system. Eyal treats each client holistically with dignity, respect, patience and passion for Justice.