Melissa Isaak, Leading Father's Rights Attorney, States of Alabama and Florida

"Mr. Rosenstock has already shown himself to be a national leader in the movement for parental rights. He understands how the system encourages discord between parents and within families, and he will fight so that you do not become a victim to the system. If you are looking for a competent, passionate and loyal attorney, he is your man." 

Dr. Rob Whitley, Ass. Prof. of Psychiatry, Stigma and Men’s Mental Health, McGill University, Canada

“Eyal Rosenstock is a highly-experienced lawyer who is zealously committed to protecting dads, kids and families. Humane and principled, yet tough and hard-hitting when need be, he will pull no punches in obtaining the justice you deserve.” 

Marlene D. Meléndez-Espinosa, Attorney, Puerto Rico

"Mr. Rosenstock has proven to be an extremely professional, trustworthy and, most importantly, ethical individual. I have had the pleasure of working with him on several occasions and highly recommend his services." 

Bruce, Client

Eyal was hired in a Limited Representation capacity, and I was very fortunate to have found himat a moment when I needed his help the most. [Mine] was a complicated, multifaceted case, that was made more difficult by the added emotional family aspect. Eyal was helpful in breaking down the case into its fundamental parts, keeping the case on schedule, and clarifying aspects that were complicated. [If Eyal] was not sure of his ability to answer my questions fully, he would make the time to research the matter either on his own, or with his more senior colleagues. I’m confident with recommending Eyal Rosenstock, to anyone seeking a thoughtful, fair and honest lawyer that will dedicate himself to help you resolve your legal case.